Creating sub accounts are unlimited, and you can create as many as you want as long as you are using the Syndicate Social Pro account. This sub accounts are separate user accounts that you can use specifically for one website. You can only choose one niche of campaigns that you can assign to the widget that this account can use.

Remember that you cannot create campaigns with these accounts 

Here are the steps in creating and using your sub accounts

1. In creating sub accounts, you must click here.

2. Fill up the form. 

3. After you've created your own sub account. Log out of your main account and then log in with the username and password that you've created for your sub account.

4. Register your location and choose your screen name to complete the account's activation.

5. Go and click "select a niche" to select your niche for your website.

6. Select which niche you want, and it will automatically preview the selected niche widget, and you can scroll all of the content that it has to offer. 

7. Lastly, unlock the niche to access it from widget the manager dashboard using the appropriate credits required from your account.