Widgets are drawers where campaigns are placed, which you can embed on your website.

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Here is where you can customize and manage the widget that you  would use for your website.


Widget Tab Text:  This is where you put your eye-catching headline for your widget.

Position on Screen:  Position your widget on which side of the screen it is best suitable for you.

Status: You can pause and resume your widget anytime you  want.

Views: This is where you can see how many views your widget  has (not the views of the videos on your widget).

Assign  Campaign: You can assign which  campaign you want your widget to have, either your own campaign that you  created or all the other campaigns created on the network.

Schedule: What’s great on this widget is that, you can schedule  on what day you want your campaigns to appear on your widget. 

Post Code: This is the code that you would insert in the page of  your website so the widget would appear.